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|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C3}
Chapter Three: He’s More Than What He Seems
    You were currently staring at your closet full of clothes—and internally screaming.
    Everything. Everything. Everything was wrinkled to the point of no return.
    At least, no return unless you washed literally all of it, which sucked because your parents hadn’t bought the washing machine or dryer yet. This is what I get for stuffing all my clothes into boxes, you thought as you cursed this move. What should I do now…?
    You took out your phone and called your mother, since both she and your dad weren’t home. They had gone out for groceries since the kitchen was now completely unpacked and the refrigerator was close to empty. “Hey, um, it turns out all my clothes are wrinkled, and, yeah…”
    She then proceeded to ask why you never said anything yesterday, since they’d asked if
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 174 143
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.33
The town, miles away, was being washed in the warmth of sunlight.  Clouds were approaching from over a mountain range, but it would be awhile until they were blessed with rain for crops and their reserve supply.  The celebration was still going on, with no end in sight.  The villagers were peacefully and happily dancing any troubles they could have had away.  Normally, a small house that  was known as ‘home’ to five brave souls would be full of food and laughter.  Maybe empty for a few minutes so the residents could join everyone outside in the beams gifted from the sun.
But unknowingly to their fellow friends and villagers, that house had no food laid out.  There was no piano music traveling through the neighboring houses, a tune that would settle sore ears.  And they weren’t mingling with their friends outside in the festival.  They were out fighting for this peaceful town.  And so, despite the loud festivities going
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 109 74
France x Reader: Being Loved...Part 7
Sunlight. Never before had it been so unwelcome. You could feel the bright rays beating against your eyelids, coaxing you, no, more like coercing you to open your eyes. You weren’t ready though; not at all. Firstly, you had hardly slept a wink last night between your racing thoughts, consuming guilt, and anxiety attacks over what had transpired just last night. Second, you would have to leave the room some time, the thought of which was already so overwhelmingly stressful that you wanted to explode. How were you supposed to act? What were you supposed to say? “Hi sorry for betraying your trust, going through your most precious belongings, and dredging up painful and unforgettable life experiences for you, but we can still be best friends right?”. Oh yeah right. Like that would fly. Honestly though…what frightened you the most was the seemingly impending loss of the man dearest to you. Why? Why did you have to be so stupid? The best friendship you had ever had in
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 59 51
Vampire!Arthur x Reader: Part II
Part II –
"These wounds won't seem to heal; this pain is just too real." – Evanescence
Romano reached for his handgun on the table and pointed it at Arthur. Arthur wrapped his arm around my waist, brought another arm to my neck, and took a few steps back in one quick motion. Romano stopped himself from shooting; even if they were bullets filled with Holy Water , they still affected humans, just like a regular bullet.
"I wouldn't Romano." Arthur smirked as he took a whiff of my scent, "You Hunters all smell divine, it's no wonder the Nordic vampires have taken a liking to you."
"What are you talking about eyebrows!?" Romano yelled in annoyance. Arthur glared at Romano, it is true, Arthur had very thick dark eyebrows, and so teasing him about it was Romano's instinct. Just like he did with every other leech we would catch.
"As we speak the Nordic vampires have attacked the other Hunters." Arthur smirked; I tried to feel my way to my ax on my side so I could att
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